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Work Place Coaching
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DIVORCE COACHING in the work place...would your staff, and bottom line, benefit from on site assistance? 


According to Stu Webb, founder of Collaborative Law, divorce is 20% law and 80% emotion!


Providing on site Divorce Coaching/Divorce Counselling two or three days a week can save a company thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours per individual experiencing separation/divorce.


Divorce Coaching will provide an educated partner to be available to discuss all of your angst, anger and frustration and to provide information and assist in setting plans to survive the process.


Employers have reported that the cost savings is noticeable and significant! 


For unrepresented clients, Coaching provides the only forum for discussing their case with a knowledgeable professional, but I maintain that it is always advisable to use the services of a lawyer when engaged in the legal process.  It is a complicated and specialized forum in which they are trained to protect and guide you.

All services are provided remotely via Google Meet