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Parenting Coordination
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Parenting Coordination has become an essential part of helping separating and divorcing families in conflict.  Involvement generally begins after a Parenting Plan has been put in place through either litigation or mediation, yet clients have had great success in negotiating well with the assistance of a PC while litigating children's issues. Parenting Coordinator’s assist the parents in keeping the best interests of the children  paramount throughout, whichever avenue you have chosen to resolve your matter.


But Parenting Coordination does not end there.  Many parents have ongoing difficulty in making decisions or settling disputes for many years post separation.  The PC becomes involved in your family and familiar with your personality conflicts and general communication difficulties.  We make it our business to know your children and to anticipate what is in their best interest and assist the parents to reach that place.  When the parents are not able to negotiate a resolution with the assistance of the PC, the PC can then arbitrate and make the decision for them.  Quick, efficient, inexpensive resolution that keeps families out of court.


 The Parenting Coordinator can:


         Assist the parents to maintain an existing court order;

         Assist through your legal negotiations of a Parenting Plan

         Recommend and/or negotiate with the parents changes to the parenting plan that do not involve major changes;

         Educate the parents about child development and appropriate choices for their children;

         Assist the parents in communication with each other about the children;

         Reduce court involvement and cost.

I am often asked who I work for as a Parenting Coordinator, especially in circumstances where one parent may be paying a higher percentage of my fee, based on their income. 


As a Parenting Coordinator I work on behalf of the children, paid for by the parents. 


All services are provided remotely via Google Meet