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Susan Cook Mediation and Family Services
maintains a standard of
"In the best interests of the children"

Family Law Mediation


Mediation is a timely process based on best interests, needs and reasoning.  Going to court is lengthy, positional and is adversarial.


The effort of mediation is to provide an inclusive and empowering process that allows the parties to be a major player in making those important decisions that they are going to have to live with long term, rather than settle on what the lawyers agree to as a means to reach agreement. 


It is statistically proven that mediated solutions, that are arrived at through discussion of best interests, are maintained without court involvement significantly more often than litigated agreements that tend to be "settled" on as opposed to mutually agreed upon.


This is achieved through the knowledge that you control the process as well as the outcome.


Mediation does not provide you with a legally binding agreement.  For a legally binding contract, look to the Mediation/Arbitration tab.

Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements


Nothing can crash the excitement of upcoming nuptials like the announced request for one of the partners to sign a Prenuptial Agreement.


There are many reasons for someone about to marry to want the union contracted.


When marrying in to a family that has acquired some wealth, parents often have influence over their adult child regarding inheritance.  Many parents today are looking at the divorce rate and the relatively short length of the average marriage of young people.  It can seem hurtful, but as these parents consider the hard work they put in to amassing what might only be the sum total of home equity, they are cringing at the thought of a new spouse walking away with half of their child’s inheritance after a few years of marriage.


When facing a marriage where one or both partners have children from previous relationships, often there can be conflict as to who is more entitled than who to inherit what.  This can become a very overwhelming matter to deal with and I urge caution so as to avoid beginning your life together with doubt and/or hurt feelings. 


Some people today just think it is the thing to do.  Yet many brides and grooms to be have entered marriages feeling less than committed because they felt coerced in to a contract they didn’t want, didn’t feel was necessary and don’t understand.  I recommend seeing a mediator or a mental health professional with knowledge of family law issues before sitting down with the lawyer.  The lawyers are there to provide the facts of the law and the contract. 


I have sat down with many couples, prior to them seeing their respective legal counsel, to assist in negotiating from the perspective of what is best for them as a couple.  We discuss the fears and feelings of hurt and anxiety that usually arise from the stigma of being asked to sign a prenup, as well as the practical matters, which has enabled both partners to enter the marriage feeling heard, trusted and on equal footing.


Parent-Teen Mediation


The Parent-Teen Mediator provides a creative and effective format for parents and teens experiencing conflict to come together and resolve their problems. A mediator provides the forum to assist the family to arrive at mutually acceptable resolutions to disputes.


While many families allow the gap between parents and teens to broaden, most often through a lack of understanding of the feelings behind each others positions, my clients have strengthened family unity and saved relationships that were on the verge of permanent breakdown.


Dont allow the situation to escalate to the point of a young person taking on more responsibility than they are prepared to handle by moving out.  It is the parents job, and joy, to make every effort to educate the family and to provide a safe environment for communication.

All services are provided remotely via Google Meet